Usage reports


Web usage metrics have become increasingly popular. We can provide librarians or other authorized persons with statistics about their institutional / company use of our online journal subscriptions. The potential for immediate data on an article has been really valuable to journal editors. Reports generally become available 10–15 days after the end of the calendar month. The service will make it simpler for customers to view and analyze how to journals and other electronic materials are being utilized. You can find individual guides to the reports below, including how to run them, tips and screenshots.



  • All usage Report: Year-to-date summary of customer usage for both subscribed and unsubscribed journals.
  • IP address Report: Report of full-text article content for all MWP Research journals. The report does not specify whether your institution has access to journals from which articles are viewed.
  • Full text article download by IP Report: Report shows exactly which articles have been successfully downloaded from within your IP range each month.
  • Mobile usage by institution: Report allows you to see the number of successful article downloads in each title made via mobile device.
  • All Usage Report by Year of Publication: Report enables customers to see the number of successful full text article downloads within their institution, by title and year of publication.
  • How many times the different page types were successfully delivered to users for each journal within a calendar month.