Subscription Agents


Welcome to MWP's resource page for journal subscription agencies. Subscription packages and access options are available to suit all sizes of academic, corporate and governmental organizations. We are pleased to provide agents with marketing materials for our publications.

Libraries can choose to order through their agents or directly from MWP, and their choice of agents is up to each library. MWP seeks local representatives and subscription agents throughout the world.

Subscription Term and Activation

Subscriptions are valid for the calendar year―from 1 January through 31 December, regardless of when the subscription is ordered. No refunds on cancellations are granted. Subscriptions will be activated once full payment is received.

In order to have online access, which is controlled by IP authentication, a subscriber must have an MWP Journals Institutional Subscription Agreement on record with MWP which has current contact and IP range information. For an institution with more than one site, MWP needs to have the completed first page for the main subscriber and the IP addresses for all covered sited is the appendix.


If a subscription has not been renewed by 31 December, online access will be terminated until the subscription is renewed and payment received for the new year’s subscription.



For pricing details for 2019, please go to our Pricing page.


The commission on all single-title journal orders is 5% for any subscription agent that satisfies our requirements. To be eligible for commission, agents must provide the following items for each order:


  • end user address
  • shipping address (print orders only)
  • MWP customer number for renewals
  • agent reference number
  • prepayment (proof of wire payments required)
  • product and volume year
  • institutional contact information, including customer e-mail address
  • IP addresses (for orders with an electronic component)
  • electronic files in ICEDIS or other format approved by MWP for 20 orders or more

Back issues

MWP does not sell back issues of titles that participate in the program. To purchase single issues or issues published prior to the current volume, please contact the corresponding publisher directly.


To learn more about our policies and pricing for MWP content, we encourage you to review our terms and conditions included in our price list as these are subject to change. Please email for an up-to-date price list.