Sales and Marketing


We offer a range of marketing solutions and deliver to your specifications: print, digital or both. Our partners can choose the services that best fit their needs. We have business relationships with many large media operations, mostly in the American, European and Asian markets.


Increase your professional network at home and abroad, and gain an international audience for your research by contributing to the next MWP publication. We take great care to execute the most effective distribution strategy for each book we select for publication and distribution. Internationally to plan promotion campaigns, to seek and share information on forthcoming publications, and to develop marketing strategies.


The standard book distribution model typically demands a one-year minimum term of exclusive rights for distribution to bookstores and book wholesalers. If we determine the manuscript to have literary merit and publishing potential, we begin work with the author to develop a marketing plan.
Your work will be rigorously promoted thru direct marketing, conferences, book fairs, advertisements, email alerts, booksellers and many others.


Let us help you manage and grow your business with the very latest news, information, and promotional materials related to MWP’s publishing programs. We concentrate on sales and link distribution with consumer marketing efforts, such as publicity, to place books on bookstore shelves in the geographic markets where demand exists.