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MacroWorld Publishing is dedicated to supporting its researchers with comprehensive, information resources. MWP offers journals services on the innovation process to all researchers at the University, with special emphasis on the protection of intellectual property. It also provides support with setting up and growing high-tech science and establishes contacts with partners in business and universities. Our position statement on journal development and marketing requires that all of our funded researchers maximise the availability of their research data with as few restrictions as possible. When developing research proposals, we expect all researchers to consider their approach for managing the data they will generate.


Administrative Tools
These tools will help you manage access to your MWP content.


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Citation Tracking
Citation tracking has become increasingly recognised as a way to assess the impact of articles in scholarly journals. Citation tracking looks at the number of times that a particular work, author or journal have been cited in the bibliographies of other Works. As a general rule, high quality articles attract a greater number of citations. Full journal citations are created by typing in the title, keywords, or the article's DOI number. This functionality can be used to track citations for a researcher's own paper, or can be used to view citations for other people's work that is of interest, giving researchers a new avenue for finding related works. A citation alert is a service provided by online databases that notifies users when new publications cite works for a particular author or in a particular subject. Email Alerts is a free service providing table of contents, searching, article citation, and other email based alerts for MacroWorld Publishing.

Reference Managers
A reference manager is the software you use to handle references and full-text documents, and citations while writing. References can be handled manually as well, but the reference manager allows for greater flexibility and efficiency. . These output styles can be used to automatically format the citations in the text as well as the reference list at the end of an article. The programs will automatically format your references in any style you choose, such as MLA, APA or the style of a particular journal.

- collect and organize references from many different resources into your own personal, searchable database
- create formatted bibliographies and reading lists
- develop lists of cited papers as footnotes or as endnotes at the conclusion of scholarly papers

Some widely used reference management and formatting software applications are:
- BibTeX
- EndNote
- Mendeley
- Papers
- RefWorks

Content Alerts
An alert service is a type of user account in a database that automatically sends email notifications for new citations or tables of contents. MWP provides a free table of contents alerting service, and free online sample copies are also available. You specify the search terms or the journal titles and the database automatically provides you with updated results via email. There are different kinds of alert services:

-Table of Contents Alert (TOC)
- New Journals and Books
- Saved Search
- Citation Alert
- Personalized Services

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Online Journals
We are pleased to note that there are now 18 journals available at MWP Journals Online. Our site has all the features that users and librarians look for in an electronic resource.


Pay per view (PPV) is a new model to access journal articles. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a subscription to an online journal each year, the library pays for an article each time you view it. When you find an interesting article but may not have time to read it immediately, you can help us save money by downloading the PPV article and saving it on your computer.


MacroWorld journals and books pay-per-view articles are accessible for 24 hours from the time of purchase. To access a paper on a pay-per-view basis simply browse the journals contents pages or use the journals search facilities (see links below) to select the paper of your choice. A "Buy Now" link will appear for any PayPerView licensed article. The system will verify credit card authorization, set up an account for users without one already, then e-mail a selected article link to the user. MacroWorld Publishing safeguards customer information from unauthorized access to the best of our ability.


When our website asks users to enter sensitive information (such as credit card number and/or student ID number), that information is encrypted and is protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software.


Article Purchase
Articles published online in all MWP Journals are available to purchase as PDF downloads. For prices and purchase options please follow the links from your chosen article/s.