MacroWorld Publishing offers authors an intimate and accessible approach to the publishing industry. We believe publishing is a collaborative effort and we work to develop a final product that is not only top quality, but also has every opportunity to be successful. We also provide production services to other publishers, and we contract membership services to professional organizations. If we decide to pursue consideration of your project, we will either send the prospectus out for external review or request the full manuscript. We also provide options for editing, marketing, and distribution so that your project can be profitable to you.


Print/ Electronic Production

We invite our authors to participate actively in the publication of their work and work closely in cooperation with them at all stages of the publication process. We can graphically design and print all your marketing and public relations materials. Each title has its own individual marketing plan and is promoted with thought, attention and expertise. It is standard practice for each product to be supervised by an Editorial Board and international advisory committee, with the support of a respected institution or academic society.



As digital publishing has grown, MacroWorld has continued to pioneer new formats that reflect both new technological capabilities and the changing tastes of today's reading audience. We use a combination of digital printing (print-on-demand) and distribution in electronic formats for the majority of our books. That is why we devote our considerable expertise and experience to making sure that MWP invests in the techniques and tools that offer our customers the highest-quality results without the high price tag. This imprint follows a more traditional editorial calendar, with publication twelve to eighteen months after acquisition, which allows for wider print distribution.



Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Each archival article published is assigned a unique DOI that serves to identify the article in a digital environment. In print, the DOI appears at the top of each article. CrossRef Forward Linking, bibliographical databases and abstracting and indexing services.


Your publication will be hosted on our integrated content platform, making it easy to access and search for the global research community




Authors & Editors