Print Management Service


Print management solutions that track output devices and user activity can help you manage costs, keep critical information secure and prevent unauthorized use of printers and MFPs. We help you meet these demands by delivering custom journal printing in user-friendly formats on every available technology platform.


Professional Design Service


Our creative team includes both on-shore and off-shore graphic designers, instructional designers and artists with experience across a wide range of disciplines :


● Journal Article and Cover Design with InDesign
● Original Artwork Creation
● Illustration Redraws
● XML Image Metadata


Print Service


Our customers range from large mainstream and medium-sized publishers who fulfil their orders using our on-demand technology (from single copies), through to smaller organisations and commercial businesses who produce one or two books or journals a year and need to maintain short stock. We offer many choices for your online journal printing projects. From the color and size of your journal to binding options and coatings, choose exactly the look and feel you want. We print high-quality books and journals for an extensive range of customers – whether you are a well-known publisher looking to print a large quantity of books, or a first-time self-published author.


● Always focus on you, the customer and aim to exceed expectations
● High quality printing at affordable prices
● Advanced copyediting and composition services
● Extensive range of digital printing services
● Custom journal printing solutions and article reprints
● eCommerce solutions for journals, anthologies, and subscriptions
● Offer print quality unsurpassed in our sector at competitive prices
● Deliver exceptional customer service focused on getting it right, on time, every time
● Electronic encryption and creation
● Universal print management system
● A range of sizes from A6-A4 including landscape
● Hardbacks & Paperbacks with a range of custom extras