Online Hosting Service


MWP provides a range of server computing services, including application and database hosting, centralized storage, and system administration. Content hosted on our platform is compliant with search engines and federated search applications specifically used by academic libraries. All users can take advantage of our enterprise-wide, multi-layered backup system with the additional benefit of off-site protection. If you already have your own website (not required), you can put a link on your site.


MWP Web Services


Your journal would be included on our new electronic journals platform for the individual member and non-member subscribers. By using our sales system, you don’t need to install a shopping cart system on your site (which can cost thousands) and you don’t even need a site. The platform facilitates detailed searches and simplifies access to electronic content. It also offers a number of helpful features for users, including:


● Free Subdomain (e.g.
● Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
● Unlimited Email Accounts (250 MB, Each Mail Account Size)
● Server Location: US or European
● Premium Page Design using HTML5 / CSS3
● User-friendly interface web design
● 24/7/365 Expert Technical Support
● Secure VPN Access (PPTP and SSL)
● 99.9% service availability guarantee
● SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


MWP Web Platform Features


● Elegant design with eCommerce support
● Display of electronic content (HTML and PDF)
● Functionality searching across the whole the platform
● The subject categories related the article
● Subhead to appear in the contents automatically
● Link to the formal publication via its DOI
● Journal Impact Factor report
● Article Usage Reports (downloads and article views)
● Table of Contents Alert (TOC)
● Citation Alert
● Personalized Services
● IP Subscription (multiple IP addresses/ranges)
● Listings of the most downloaded articles
● Citation Management Tool
● The count of the number of times article is cited in Crossref and Google Scholar