Journal Services


MWP publishes and distributes influential scholarly publications on behalf of learned and professional societies and associations, foundations, and other not-for-profit organizations. We serve the small and independent publishing community by offering industry guidance, business development, and unmatched production, distribution, and marketing services. We provide you with a comprehensive edit of your manuscript in order to design the book as needed to make it a sound and marketable read. Each of our solutions is developed to match the needs of a discipline or textbook to provide a seamless learning and assessment experience.

High-Impact Publications
Numerous MacroWorld journals have impact factors, reflecting their importance in academic discourse. It is our constant endeavour to provide consistently high quality end products, to schedule, at the optimum price.


Distinguished Editorial Boards
MacroWorld Publishing continues to break the traditional publishing meld by offering every author strong editorial support, a publicist, a personalized marketing plan, and world-class distribution for all of their titles.


Societies and Associations
The managing editorial, art, production, marketing, and subsidiary rights departments have staff members dedicated to the individual imprints. Our authors give us suggestions and input in all aspects of the book-making process; they have a space in our website where they can connect with the readers; they get our full support and marketing upon launch of the book, and continuously after. Our editorial, marketing and production staff will work with society officers and academic editors to put together a comprehensive development plan for each journal.


We're committed to helping you develop and enhance your editorial content and quality at all times, both online and in print. We partner with the same printer used by several of the world's largest publishers and use state-of-the-art graphics and layout software to design our covers and book blocks.

Global Subscription Sales and Marketing
We offer a range of marketing solutions and deliver to your specifications: print, digital or both. Our partners can choose the services that best fit their needs. We have business relationships with many large media operations, mostly in the American, European and Asian markets. Internationally to plan promotion campaigns, to seek and share information on forthcoming publications, and to develop marketing strategies. MWP can develop a customized communications plan to support your promotional and publication strategy. We pride itself on bringing new intuitive solutions to the market. We believe that a global sales strategy is best executed by local representation.


We continually monitor market trends and new technology in the industry, which keeps us and our authors on the cutting edge. Let us help you manage and grow your business with the very latest news, information, and promotional materials related to MacroWorld Publishing's publishing programs.

Online Submission and Peer-review System
All our manuscripts are dealt with through our efficient and easy to use "MacroS" online submission system. Our editorial teams aim for the highest standards in peer review, an increasing number of our journals use state-of-the-art online submission systems to enable quicker reviewing and online manuscript tracking for authors. However an important part of their job is to identify areas of science where new journal launches might be appropriate. We have access to a fabulous pool of talented editing, design and layout professionals. We create websites that make people want to browse and buy and send their friends. Your professional website will be designed according to your needs and desires and you will have the opportunity to approve it every step of the way.

Online Hosting
MWP provides a range of server computing services, including application and database hosting, centralized storage, and system administration. All users can take advantage of our enterprise-wide, multi-layered backup system with the additional benefit of off-site protection. If you already have your own website (not required), you can put a link on your site. Your journal would be included on our new electronic journals platform for individual member and non-member subscribers. By using our sales system, you don't need to install a shopping cart system on your site (which can cost thousands) and you don't even need a site.

Print/ Electronic Production
We invite our authors to participate actively in the publication of their work and work closely in cooperation with them at all stages of the publication process. We can graphically design and print all your marketing and public relations materials. Each title has its own individual marketing plan and is promoted with thought, attention and expertise. You're a self-publisher or small press looking for competitively priced, high-quality editorial, design, and production services.

We use a combination of digital printing (print-on-demand) and distribution in electronic formats for the majority of our books. Our publications are printed using the highest quality paper available for scholarly content and state-of-the-art printing technologies. That is why we devote our considerable expertise and experience to making sure that MWP invests in the techniques and tools that offer our customers the highest-quality results without the high price tag. This imprint follows a more traditional editorial calendar, with publication twelve to eighteen months after acquisition, which allows for wider print distribution.

Alerting Service
An alert service is a type of user account in a database that automatically sends email notifications for new citations or tables of contents. MWP provides a free table of contents alerting service, and free online sample copies are also available. You specify the search terms or the journal titles and the database automatically provides you with updated results via email. There are different kinds of alert services:

- Table of Contents Alert (TOC)
- New Journals and Books
- Saved Search
- Citation Alert
- Personalized Services
- RSS Feeds

Usage statistics
You can track how many times your article has been accessed and we also highlight the most downloaded articles each month. MWP Journal subscription administrators have access to their usage statistics, which allow you to record and monitor all direct access from your institution.


Editing Services
MacroWorld Publishing is accepted only in English. Authors may want to have their manuscripts edited professionally before submission to improve the clarity. We wish to avoid these papers being rejected because of the written English, particularly if the author does not have English as a first language. This is not a mandatory step, but may help to ensure that the academic content of your paper is fully understood by journal editors and reviewers. MacroWorld Editing Services provide you with expert help to ensure your manuscript is ready for submission.