We provide production services to other publishers, and we contract membership services to professional organizations. If we decide to pursue consideration of your project, we will either send the prospectus out for external review or request the full manuscript. We also provide options for editing, marketing, and distribution so that your project can be profitable to you. MacroWorld set and maintain the highest standards in editorial, production, and online distribution.





We offer flexible financial models that suit the needs of our publishing partners, whether providing income for the society or providing benefit for your members. All of the journal content hosted by MacroWorld Publishing can be accessed through MWP journals and books. The partnership builds strong links between the MacroWorld and other organizations involved in Social Sciences, Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Science and Technology and Health Sciences, both industrial and academic.


Some of the benefits of partnering with us include increased visibility, an enhanced profile within the community, effective co-marketing and promotional strategies, sponsorship and award opportunities, and membership discounts on publications. Within such a service, full financial management, production, and marketing services are offered, including subscription management and mailing. Please also note that our publishing mission is currently general trade; some of our publications are trade books with an additional scholarly market, but we are not currently accepting submissions for purely academic projects.


We invite our authors to participate actively in the publication of their work and work closely in cooperation with them at all stages of the publication process. We can graphically design and print all your marketing and public relations materials. Each title has its own individual marketing plan and is promoted with thought, attention, and expertise. You’re a self-publisher or small press looking for competitively priced, high-quality editorial, design, and production services.