How to Subscribe


Site-wide access is controlled via IP recognition, enabling you to support every researcher, student or reader at your institution. Licenses are available for all institution types, including: Academic institutions, Consortia, Corporations, Government organizations, Clinical and teaching hospitals, Museums and societies, Public libraries.



Electronic Subscription Activation

To set up access please first follow these instructions to register the IP addresses and receive an online ID that will be used to activate the subscription:

1. When requesting a new institutional registration, please send the following information to our online platform, MWP Support.

Institution Name
Institution Address
City, State/Province, Postal Code
Phone Number
IP Address Or Range
Name of Administrator for the account

2. Once you send this information, you will receive an email with a MWP ID. Please send the ID to MacroWorld Journals and we will make arrangements for access.

3. Online Access Login

1. Institutional Login
2. Select your country
3. Select your institution
4. Follow your personalized instructions

If your query is about subscriptions, involving cancellations, difficulties accessing the archive, registration problems, or wish to update your details, please contact us via: