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The online manuscript submission system (an online manuscript submission & review tracking system) allows the submission of an electronic version (word or PDF) of manuscripts for the peer-review process in the desired research fields. The online submission and peer review systems enable you to submit your manuscript, or carry out a review on an assigned manuscript, over the Internet.


The system may include evaluating submissions and providing feedback to submitters, accepting or rejecting submissions or requesting submitters to make a re-submission. Dynamically constructed menus permit users to see authorized options only. Logging into the system presents a list to the user of all tasks requiring his or her attention.


  • Register and submit manuscripts quickly and easily
  • All steps of the submission process are online
  • User-friendly submission process. The ability to easily send the review request, reminder, thank-you and decision letters
  • Contact technical support in case of problems
  • All of the required documents (manuscripts, cover letters, abstracts, tables, figures, and reviews) could be sent online
  • Authors may see/check the quality of images during the submission
  • Check the status of manuscript submission at any time
  • Multiple manuscript types are accepted and recorded (such as original submissions, revisions, commissioned papers and reviews)
  • Take advantage of a single log-on for multiple roles - author, reviewer, associate editor, even editor
  • E-mail notification of significant manuscript actions (manuscript submitted, review returned, review declined etc.)
  • Full Customization to Client's Journal Workflow
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing the current session
  • A dashboard for editorial staff to track submissions at various stages of review and revision
  • Production of XML for DOI (Crossref). You could also use your own Crossref account
  • Powerful searching by tracking stage, Author name, number, or title
  • Automatic production table of contents, author index, subject index
  • Online evaluation forms for the reviewers/editors
  • A customizable interface in general, where parameters can be set by the administrators
  • Display history of previous manuscript version and reviews
  • Multiple journals can be supported in a single database
  • Can store/track multiple revisions of the same manuscript
  • Access to up-to-the-minute reports and statistics to help editorial staff improve processes over time.
  • Ability to add unlimited editors for additional works (publishing editor, grammatical editor, composing editor etc.)
  • Manage user permissions by configuring roles for Editors-in-Chief, Managing Editors, Editorial Assistants and administrators
  • Reviewers can accept or decline assignments, without even logging in, via secure deep links
  • The system allows you to search for potential reviewers based on profile information
  • You can access reviewer quality ratings and assess their current workload