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Institute of Language and Communication Studies

Formed on by a group of researchers as a social research network in 2008, The Institute of Language and Communication Studies (ILCS) is an international growing volunteer and nonprofit organization of academics, professionals, and organizations committed to language and communications sciences.

Being an independent organization, ILCS is dedicated to scientific research and publication. ILCS and its partners publish online and print scholarly journals; further they organize several symposiums, conferences, seminars and other academic events that are open to individuals, scholars, academics and specialists. As a new scholarly publisher and organization, ILCS aims to be a significant contributor to scientific development in our era by providing an international forum that enables discussions of the latest research trends and challenges, and ISLC promotes critical debates on the often-complex interconnections between language and communication and history, economy, sociology, education and, all other related sub-fields.

ILCS supports its members by providing a wide range of services, including promotion of the professions, educational opportunities and professional resources.