Core Values


- We provide quality, timely information through continuous innovation of our products and services.
- We treat our employees as individuals and we empower them to realize their full potential and contribution.
- We know that our employees are the foundation of our success and that we are stronger together. We value exceptional performance and recognize that outstanding people working together make success happen.
- We treat everyone with respect, fostering teamwork to achieve goals whilst creating an environment that encourages innovation; that is diverse, supportive, creative and fun.
- We are a performance driven, results oriented company of experience professionals who know how to get the job done at the highest level.
- We want MacroWorld Publishing to grow each year into the quality found in the literary classics, while using contemporary settings and surroundings.
- Our market is global and we believe in the power of partnership with our customers and suppliers to meet our common objectives.
- We treat colleagues, business partners, and clients with respect and, consequently, expect the same in return
- We are focused in using our talents and resources to create and foster closer relationships in the communities we serve, for mutual benefit
- We believe in knowledge mobilization and teaching people to use their minds to improve society.



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