Company Information


MacroWorld Publishing is an independent global publisher of highest quality journals, monographs, revised dissertations, primary sources, bibliographies, textbooks, other books, eBooks, reference works and online resources. The company was founded in 2011 by a group of publishing professionals who are dedicated to publishing the best in various topical areas for the scholarly and professional communities worldwide.

MWP publishes journals, online databases, and services across the life, Social Sciences, Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Science and Technology and Health. Our publishing model was designed to support the independent author and to make it possible for writers to retain the rights to their work and still compete with the major publishing houses. As a result of our own experiences, we came together to form a company dedicated to helping authors and societies publish their book and journal products while keeping control of their work, as well as, maintaining the ability to market, distribute and sell their book products to bookstores and many other unlimited sources.

We work hard to be a leader in our respective industries and to create the best-themed supplements that help our customers succeed. MWP is a major force in today's consumer publishing industry, dedicated to bringing an extensive cross section of first-class information and entertainment in all printed, digital and audio formats to a worldwide audience of readers. MWP is dedicated to serving the academic and professional communities by providing the content they require in the format- print or electronic- that best meets their needs. We seek to combine the knowledge of the established publishing houses with a unique understanding of the desires of the modern market.

We are proud of our team of experienced editors, designers and production executives that has consistently developed best-selling journals and book series for different markets. It is with this continued investment that MWP is capable of sustaining, bringing and marketing new solutions to address the changing needs of its customers. We also have sales staff in Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe.

We offer a range of marketing solutions and deliver to your specifications: print, digital or both. Our partners can choose the services that best fit their needs. We have business relationships with many large media operations, mostly in the American, European and Asian markets. Internationally to plan promotion campaigns, to seek and share information on forthcoming publications, and to develop marketing strategies.

MWP can develop a customized communications plan to support your promotional and publication strategy. We pride itself on bringing new intuitive solutions to the market. We believe that a global sales strategy is best executed by local representation. We continually monitor market trends and new technology in the industry, which keeps us and our authors on the cutting edge. Let us help you manage and grow your business with the very latest news, information, and promotional materials related to MacroWorld Publishing's publishing programs.


MWP provides a range of server computing services, including application and database hosting, centralized storage, and system administration. Content hosted on our platform is compliant with search engines and federated search applications specifically used by academic libraries. All users can take advantage of our enterprise-wide, multi-layered backup system with the additional benefit of off-site protection. If you already have your own website (not required), you can put a link on your site.



MWP Web Services


Your journal would be included on our new electronic journals platform for the individual member and non-member subscribers. By using our sales system, you don’t need to install a shopping cart system on your site (which can cost thousands) and you don’t even need a site. The platform facilitates detailed searches and simplifies access to electronic content. It also offers a number of helpful features for users, including:


● Free Subdomain (e.g.
● Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
● Unlimited Email Accounts (250 MB, Each Mail Account Size)
● Server Location: US or European
● Premium Page Design using HTML5 / CSS3
● User-friendly interface web design
● 24/7/365 Expert Technical Support
● Secure VPN Access (PPTP and SSL)
● 99.9% service availability guarantee
● SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


MWP Web Platform Features


● Elegant design with eCommerce support
● Display of electronic content (HTML and PDF)
● Functionality searching across the whole the platform
● The subject categories related the article
● Subhead to appear in the contents automatically
● Link to the formal publication via its DOI
● Journal Impact Factor report
● Article Usage Reports (downloads and article views)
● Table of Contents Alert (TOC)
● Citation Alert
● Personalized Services
● IP Subscription (multiple IP addresses/ranges)
● Listings of the most downloaded articles
● Citation Management Tool
● The count of the number of times article is cited in Crossref and Google Scholar