Sponsored Journals

These are intended to ensure that a sponsored journal be viable and of sufficient quality. Questions may be addressed to the MWP Office.


The legislation adopted by the MWP to create the category of MWP Sponsored Journals specifies the conditions, terms of agreement, and application procedure specified below.


Sending a supplement proposal

Proposals for sponsored supplements should be sent to the MacroWorld Supplements Manager and should include the following information:


- Journal title

- Proposed supplement title

- Subject of supplement

- Proposed authors

- Number of papers and estimated page extent

- Sponsoring company

- Publication deadline, if any


The proposal will be discussed with the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, and following approval in principle the Supplements Manager will provide an initial estimate of cost. The Supplements Manager will also provide full manuscript preparation and submission instructions as well as scheduling details.



For further information about publishing a supplement with one of our journals, or to submit a proposal, please society@macroworldpub.com