Society Partnership


MacroWorld set and maintain the highest standards in editorial, production, and online distribution. We offer flexible financial models that suit the needs of our publishing partners, whether providing income for the society or providing benefit for your members. MacroWorld Publishing is a preferred partner for scholarly bodies throughout the international academic world.

The partnership builds strong links between the MacroWorld and other organisations involved in Social Sciences, Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Science and Technology and Health sciences, both industrial and academic. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include increased visibility, an enhanced profile within the community, effective co-marketing and promotional strategies, sponsorship and award opportunities, and membership discounts on publications. Within such a service, full financial management, production, and marketing services are offered, including subscription management and mailing.


Please also note that our publishing mission is currently general trade; some of our publications are trade books with an additional scholarly market, but we are not currently accepting submissions for purely academic projects. We offer a wide selection of print and digital services that include; custom publishing, eBook and print-on demand to provide solutions specific to your retail, premium and training needs.

Please contact to find out how you can become an MWP Society Partner.

We will evaluate the proposal, and if accepted, happily start working with you right away on the new journal.

The following information should be included as part of a new Journal proposal:

- Name, position, affiliation, full contact information, and brief CV of each proposer.
- Description of the new journal, including proposed title (a single name or several possible names), aims and scope (topics would be covered and if appropriate, topics would not be covered), type of contents (e.g. review articles, research papers, tutorials, technical reports, case studies, research notes, letters, etc.), intended audiences and expected contributors (e.g. academic and industrial researchers, industrial professionals, engineers, consultants, managers, educators, policy makers, etc.). This should state briefly what the suggested aims of the journal will be, what types of papers it hopes to publish (e.g. empirical research, theoretical contributions, reviews, commentaries) and the various areas that it would include within its scope.
- Please provide a list of articles (10-15) published in other publications, conference papers, tech reports, etc. that are typical of the kinds of articles you envision for this new publication.
- Proposed editor-in-chief. If you have someone in mind to serve as editor-in-chief please name this person and attach their CV. Please first consult with that person to make sure they would be willing to serve. The editor-in-chief of an AP journal should be a senior person in the field with an international reputation, and must be prepared to be heavily involved with time and efforts. For a list of detailed duties and responsibilities, see below the Editor-In-Chief Job Description.
- Proposed editorial board members. Please list potential editorial board members and indicate which, if any, have already indicated support for the new publication. For each possible editorial board member, please include a specific subject area (or area of expertise) that he/she would be responsible for covering.
- Production and operation. Please suggest frequency of publication (issues per year), length of journal (articles per issue), length of papers (words per paper), and anticipated launch date. Please also provide an overview of the proposed editorial process. Open access and peer-review are two fundamental policies we have been following throughout these years.
- Any other suggestions, including among others promotion plan (e.g. paper solicitation, collaboration with organizations and conferences, CFP spreading, etc.) and financial plan (e.g. publication fees, pricing, business model, salaries, honorarium, cost, etc.).